About Brethren Church

The Brethren Church

The Brethren movement began in 1708 in Germany.   A group of Christian believers, led by Alexander Mack held the conviction that obedience to Jesus and the Word of God was shown in the observance of believer baptism and three-fold communion. Persecution for their recognition in believer baptism forced this group to move throughout Germany.  In 1719 the first group of Brethren believers came to America and settled in Pennsylvania.  As the Brethren began to grow they began to expand in other states.

During the 1860’s-80’s differences in opinions began among the Brethren regarding dress, Sunday School, and paid ministers.  These differences would lead to a three way split, one of which would become The Brethren Church.  For more information, please visit www.brethrenchurch.org.

During this time a group in Rockingham County was forming in the community of Pineville who sought the progressive beliefs. To learn more about the formation of Mt. Olive Brethren Church, see the “About Mt. Olive” page.

We Believe

We believe that there is one God, present in three persons:  Father, Son & Holy Spirit.

We believe that Scripture is the guide in our daily lives.  Correct interpretation of scripture is important for Brethren.  We believe in The Bible, The Whole Bible and Nothing but the Bible.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the way to eternal life with God.

We believe that the church exists for the glory of God and to work in unity to bring the lost to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

FAQs about the Brethren Church

  1. What is believer’s baptism?   Believer’s baptism is the belief that in order to have a true confession of faith, one must be of age to recognize their need for Christ.  Since infants are not able to come to this confession of faith, infant baptism is not recognized by the Brethren Church.
  2. How are believers baptized?  Brethren believers are baptized by immersion in water three times.  Brethren do not practice sprinkling due to Biblical examples of baptism in large bodies of water.
  3. What is communion?  Brethren practice three-fold communion.  During our communion services the practice of washing one another’s feet, sharing of a “love feast”, and the euchrist (bread & cup) are observed.  Three-fold communion is held before Easter and in October for World Communion Sunday.  We practice bread and cup communion during service on the first Sunday of each month except April and October.
  4. What is footwashing?  Following the example of Christ at the last supper, Brethren practice the washing of one another’s feet.  We do this to remind us of two things.  First, the act of washing feet is an act of servanthood and love for our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.  Second, the washing of feet reminds us that even though we are spiritually cleansed by baptism, we continue to sin and need cleansing from sin.