Next Steps (New Here?)

Step 1:  If you are thinking of visiting with us, please be sure to stop by our welcome center to receive your gift for being here with us for worship.  There are also cards to fill out in the pews that you may place in the offering plate.

Step 2:  Be sure to meet Pastor Fred and/or Pastor Gail.  We also have David Miller our Youth Pastor and Caryn Mackey our Children’s Director who are available to meet you and give you information about our programs.

Step 3:  Attend one of our meals with the Pastors where we can get to know you better and you get to know us better.

Step 4:  Finish checking out our website to learn more about us.

Step 5:  Get involved :)  Signup for group activities whether fellowship, entertainment or service.

Step 6:  Become a member check on Baptism & Membership about that!

We encourage you to develop your spiritual growth by joining a service opportunity and/or one of our fellowship groups. Groups are available for each age group; some are centered on specific groups and some available for the whole family. If you have any questions, please let Pastor Fred or Pastor Gail know.

Also contact us for information on discovering how God has uniquely and lovingly created you for purpose in His Kingdom. We will walk through a journey as you discover your spiritual gifts and your heart strings and where to best apply them. Spiritual Gifts Survey

Take the leap! Join a group or service and find the blessings of God as you discover your purpose and make new friends.