Baptism & Membership

Are you wanting more information on being baptized or transferring membership?  Please see Pastor Fred or Pastor Gail for more information.  We will line up baptism and membership classes for you.


1.  Choose to express your faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

2.  Contact Pastor Fred Miller.

3.  Enroll in a Baptism and Membership Class.

4.  Upon completion of class, those who have never been baptized by immersion are baptized.

5.  Those who are transferring their membership from another congregation are received into membership along with the newly-baptized.

What is believer’s baptism?   Believer’s baptism is the belief that in order to have a true confession of faith, one must be of age to recognize their need for Christ.  Since infants are not able to come to this confession of faith, infant baptism is not recognized by the Brethren Church.

How are believers baptized?  Brethren believers are baptized by immersion in water three times.  Brethren do not practice sprinkling due to Biblical examples of baptism in large bodies of water.

How to Get Involved:  There are many ways to become involved in fellowship and service at Mt. Olive.  We believe that engaging in healthy relationships with other believers is an important step in experiencing and sharing the love of God.

Spiritual Gifts:  Did you know that God uniquely created and gifted you for service in His Kingdom and with His People (your brothers and sisters in Christ).  Here is a link Spiritual Gifts Test